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Stuart began writing poetry at a very young age and had his first poem published in an anthology, aged ten. Since then he has featured in numerous anthologies, books and magazines all over the world. Stuart also writes reviews and articles on a range of topics.  


Other Poetic Works: Ian Rankin Scholarship 2016 (Poem:Gods Grain) | The Great British Write Off 2016 (Poem:Ocean) | The Great British Write Off 2015 (Poem:Empire) | An Ode To (Poem:Mark) | Essence of Love (Poem:Love) | Whispering Words (Poem:A Roch Named Colour) | Celebrations (Poem:Flask Carcass)

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It's refreshing to see a poem! It's a narrative that strives for mythological significance and succeeds! Rousing! - Ian Rankin (Talking about Stuart's poem, Gods Grain)

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